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Of all the recliners we’ve reviewed, none comes even remotely close to the level of excellence and luxury presented with this Seatcraft Equinox recliner chair. It is so simple yet so complex that reviewing it through written word is difficult. Even so, readers should understand that whether or not you should purchase this chair does not come down to it being comfortable enough or providing enough amenities – it comes down entirely to whether or not it is in your budget.



In terms of comfort, it doesn’t really get any more comfortable than this. Discussing the level of comfort on this recliner is like trying to put into words how it feels to drive a luxury Mercedes sports vehicle – it just feels excellent. There is no point at which you will feel the slightest bit of discomfort and if you were to get up and leave, it would only be because you have to. It is extremely comfortable to sit in.



One word that best describes this recliner? Luxury. It is jam-packed with features that you might expect in a first class airplane seat or that of a high-end German luxury automobile. The Equinox is built with genuine top grain leather for the elegant touch. It has a power headrest and lumbar support along with power recline. The chair is also pre-installed with a bass shaker, making you feel the movie as you watch it. Storage, a cupholder, a slide-out table and a few charging ports are hardly worth mentioning on this model. Lastly, the recliner also has an ambient light and memory seating for different seaters. This is not a massaging chair.



What can be said about this recliner, other than that it’s beautiful? The design of the chair seamlessly flows through the interior to the exterior in one piece making it look and feel even more premium. That, combined with the high-end leather makes it one of the greatest chairs of the century (so far).



There aren’t many chairs in the entire world better than this. It is difficult to say whether or not it is actually worth buying for the average person, but if you’ll be using it then this is easily the best choice available, period. It is not a cheap recliner, but it is certainly worth the price.