Small Recliner Chairs You Need In Your Home

For many people, recliner chairs are the ultimate form of comfort to add to any living room.

Traditionally though, recliners were wide and required considerable space to be used to their maximum potential. Fortunately, modern designs have slimmed these comfy chairs down to fit into smaller, contemporary homes. That begs the question, which small recliners will fit into your space?

Our article today focuses on a few of the popular options that make it easy to find comfortable recliners for small spaces. Our handy buying guide will highlight the features you should consider when you’re shortlisting the best small recliners for your home. Read on for all the info you need! 

  At A Glance:  Our Top 3 Picks For Small Recliner Chairs

Small Recliner Chair Reviews

Homall Recliner Chair
Homall Recliner Chair - Best Overall
  • Durable steel frame features thicker foam for additional comfort
  • Chair adjusts in 3 positions
  • Denser, more resilient sponge on the seating area
MCombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair
MCombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair - Best Value
  • Counterbalanced lift mechanism
  • Comfortable & durable cloth material
  • USB charging ports & cup holders
JUMMICO Recliner Chair
JUMMICO Recliner Chair - Best Budget
  • Slim design allows for placement in your living room or bedroom
  • Steel frame design adds stability
  • Breathable fabric

1. Homall Recliner Chair – Best Overall

Homall Recliner Chair

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With over 11,000 ratings, the Homall Recliner Chair is one of the most popular small-size recliners currently on the market. Made from high-quality PU leather, this comfortable chair also offers a high-density thick sponge that provides high resilience. 

This slimmer recliner features 3 reclining settings between 90 to 180 degrees. This makes it ideal for working, napping, relaxing, gaming or watching movies. 

Product Key Feature

  • Seat dimensions: 19.7” x 22.1”
  • Back dimensions: 20.9” x 29.1”
  • Made from quality PU leather
  • Padded seat and back provide extra comfort
  • Wide curved armrests for support
  • Easy to adjust to various reclining modes

This stylish recliner is supported by 4 sturdy feet which have non-marking pads to effectively protect the floor or surface it stands on. A retractable footrest with different modes makes it easy to find a sitting position that provides the exact comfort you need. 

With its stylish design, the dual stitching gives an elegant finish. Not only will it fit into most small spaces, but it will look good doing it! 


  • Affordable 
  • Easy to set up
  • Quality material
  • Comfortable


  • The headrest is shorter than taller people might need
  • No rocking feature

Why this recliner is great: This small recliner is great because it features a durable steel frame that provides additional comfort and support. 

Who it’s best for: This particular Homall Recliner is great for small spaces. It’s also ideal for anyone who’ll benefit from the 3 reclining modes and high-density sponge. 

Available in 5 modern color choices, this recliner can go well with any current decor. If you’re looking for a stylish recliner with high resilience as well as high permeability, this is the option for you! 

2. MCombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair – Best Value

MCombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

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One of the more specialized, yet small recliners for sale is without a doubt the MCombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair. This model’s top feature is its counterbalanced lift mechanism that pushes the entire chair upward to aid the user in standing up. The mechanism prevents stress to legs, knees or lower back when standing up. 

Durable cloth material covers overstuffed padding which in turn encases durable built-in springs. The addition of springs makes this recliner extremely comfortable. Quality material ensures there’s great elasticity as well as no felting or pilling. 

Product Key Features

  • Seat depth: 21.3”
  • Seat width: 18.1” – 22.4”
  • Maximum weight capacity: 320 lbs
  • Counterbalanced lift mechanism
  • TUV certified actuator pushes the chair up to ease the user out of the chair
  • Change reclining position on the remote control
  • Overstuffed pillow top arms
  • USB charging ports
  • Dual cup holders

Added cup holders on either side make it great to store your beverage, without having to get up or reach over to a table. USB charging ports allow you to keep your devices charged while you’re relaxing. 

Dual side pockets provide additional space for small items such as remotes or books, keeping your items within easy reach. This is ideal for people who are recovering from injury and shouldn’t move around too much. 


  • Power lift assistance feature
  • Cupholder
  • USB port 
  • Durable cloth material
  • Overstuffed padding
  • Built-in springs


  • Can’t recline flat
  • Lumbar support is lacking, might need to add a cushion

Why this recliner is great: This model is perfect because it offers a considerable amount of support in a slim design. Elderly users, people recovering from surgery, or anyone looking for additional neck and back support will benefit from the springs, thick sponge and mostly the power lift feature. 

Who it’s best for: This recliner is great for anyone recovering from surgery or even for the elderly. Aside from the extra support provided by the springs, the power lift feature makes it easy for the user to get out of the chair. 

Compared to other recliners with a power lift feature, this model provides real value for money. Aside from making it easy to get in and out of the chair, the padded stuffing provides a considerable amount of support. 

3. JUMMICO Recliner Chair – Best Budget

JUMMICO Recliner Chair

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If you’re looking for a recliner chair that’s slim enough to fit in your bedroom, living room or home office, look no further! This JUMMICO Recliner Chair is covered by high-quality breathable fabric that features thick padding to allow for extra comfort. 

The recliner feature can easily be adjusted between 90 and 165 degrees making it ideal for reading, watching TV, napping or simply relaxing. Its sturdy steel frame makes it more stable than some others and the angle of the footrest provides the perfect relaxation for tired legs! 

Product Key Features

  • Seat dimensions: 19.8” x 20.5”
  • Back dimension: 20.9” x 29.1”
  • Maximum weight capacity: 265 lbs
  • Steel frame provides stability
  • Convenient push-back design
  • Wider curved armrests
  • Made from durable linen material

Another feature that makes this model so popular is how easy it is to assemble. Simply slide the backrest to the base connection and screw on the 4 legs. It’s that simple! 

Wider curved armrests and thick seat cushions make this chair super comfortable! Soft and durable linen material isn’t only comfortable but is also easy to clean and doesn’t tear easily! 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable material
  • Slim enough to fit in many small spaces
  • Lightweight to move around effortlessly


  • Arms can be considered low for taller people
  • Not heavy – can tip over if too much force is applied

Why this recliner is great: There’s no denying this small recliner is perfect for smaller spaces! It can easily fit into a small living room, man cave, bedroom or even home office. If you need a small comfortable chair that features 3 reclining positions and is durable, this model is well worth considering! 

Who it’s best for: Since it has a maximum capacity of 265 lbs, this comfortable chair is perfect for anyone within that weight range. It’s durable, slim, and is available in 4 modern colors to accentuate any current decor.

The JUMMICO Recliner is a modern recliner slim enough to add value to just about any room in your home. With its simple push-back design and thicker seat, it’s easy to see why this unit has so many happy customers and you’ll find their positive comments in over 7500 ratings! 

Buying Guide

Looking for the best recliners for small spaces requires some considerable research. The last thing you want is to buy a chair that doesn’t fit your space or isn’t comfortable. Choosing the perfect recliner will provide you with years of comfort and support. Keep reading for a few of the common pointers to consider when you start your recliner shopping! 

Size Of The Space

One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing furniture is under or overestimating the space they have available. It’s essential to calculate and measure the actual physical space you have for your chair. 

Take into consideration how much you’d like your chair to recline, as the space you’re allocating should accommodate the chair in the reclining position. Use a tape measure to take exact measurements. Generally, a small space requires a recliner that measures about 39” or less in width.  


When it comes to material, you can either prioritize a material that complements the other furniture in your room or you can opt for a comfortable fabric. The good news is that recliners come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and fabric options. 

Some of the fabric options to consider include the following:

  • Leather: Many people opt for leather because it looks stylish, is durable and is easy to clean. Leather is unfortunately prone to scratches. 
  • Fabric: Fabrics such as cotton, velvet and chenille are very comfortable. They’re also breathable and not prone to scratches and tears. On the flip side, fabric recliners can be stained easily.

Watch this short clip by eHow to see just how easy it is to clean leather chairs! 

Additional Features

Choosing the perfect recliner also involves deciding which extra features you’ll need. Some recliners come with extensive features that add to comfort levels. Added features are also designed to accommodate back, hip or leg ailments. 

Some of the features to look out for include:

  • Neck, head and lumbar pillow: If you’re suffering from neck pain, you’ll appreciate a pillow designed to provide additional support. 
  • Cup holder: If your floor space is limited enough to be searching for a small recliner, you might also not have space for a side table for your beverage. In this scenario, a cup holder is a handy feature to look for.
  • LED Flex light: Some high-end recliners have built-in ports that allow you to plug in a LED light, which is great for reading or any other function that requires additional light. 

Color And Design

With the wide variety of colors, designs and styles, it’s easy to find a small recliner chair that will easily complement your current decor. Alternatively, you could opt for a bold color that will stand out in the room. Your recliner could become your statement chair


How tall should the back of a recliner be?

To provide maximum support, the ideal resting height of a small recliner should vary between 18” and 22”. The resting height reflects how far the chair will be able to recline back

What does seat depth mean on a recliner?

Seat depth refers to the measurement taken from the back of a seating area to the front. Choosing the right seat depth makes it possible to sit comfortably for long periods because pressure points are easily avoided. The average seat depth is 16”. 

Are recliner chairs good for your body?

Medical researchers agree that recliner chairs are good for your spine alignment. The average 135 degree reclining position offered by most chairs reduces back and neck pain. If you’re working on a laptop all day, it’s ideal to sit in a recliner after hours, to limit neck and back pain associated with sitting scrunched up while at the desk. 

Wrap Up

With the many styles, sizes and shapes on the market there’s no reason why you won’t be able to find the best recliner for your small space. By keeping the considerations in our buying guide in mind, you’ll easily find the right recliner chair for your space. 

Ultimately, adding a recliner to your space will give you a comfortable place to unwind after a long, difficult day. What better way to end the day than in a comfortable recliner, even if you only have a small space available at home or even in the office?