Soges Memory Foam and Leather Recliner Chair Review

Soges is a brand we are not too familiar with, as it’s quite new to the market and aside from this one, we haven’t gotten a chance to review any of their products yet. This recliner proved to be fairly decent, although a cheaper product it does not bring some things to the table that the other theater recliners might bring.


Memory Leather Recliner
Memory Leather Recliner Chair
Memory Foam is one of the factors that proves the quality of a recliner chair.

Major Features of Memory Leather Recliner Chair


In terms of comfort, this recliner honestly isn’t the best. I have been on the record to say that I usually prefer sturdier, more firm recliners, but I feel like this chair crosses the boundary from comfortable firm to uncomfortable firm. Usually an uncomfortable recliner is a deal breaker, but I’m not sure yet if it’s fair to call this recliner uncomfortable.


Unfortunately this chair isn’t packed with features which I usually don’t regard as a problem if the recliner is impeccable in terms of comfort (which it isn’t), so I am not too happy that this recliner chair only comes with a cupholder and a tray that looks like a cutting board. There is another leather recliner chair that you check.


This recliner chair by Soges has a fair design. Like many others, it’s a very basic design and there is not much to be said about its aesthetics.