Tenive PU Leather Recliner Vs. HomCom Deluxe Heated Leather Massage Recliner

Moving down on our list of best recliners, we come across some weaker recliners by our standards but some good recliners nonetheless. The Tenive and HomCom recliners are some of the best recliners you can buy when compared to something down by your local shop, but still aren’t as good as some of the other recliners we’ve reviewed like the Flash Furniture Plush Recliner or a Mecor Heated Recliner. These are some chairs you should check out if you are unable to go for a more expensive option or if you just like them.

Tenive PU Leather Recliner

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Out of all the recliners we’ve reviewed, this one was on the lower end of our spectrum. It isn’t going to blow anyone away and maybe won’t even be comfortable to some, but we found this recliner to be mostly consistent and a fairly decent comfort recliner. It has some nice features and some okay cushioning which makes it a steal at its current price.


  • Has Many Features
  • Moderately Good Cushioning & Materials
  • Great Price
  • Better Than Average Color Diversity


  • Swivelling Rotation Causes Difficulties
  • Not Enough Attention To Detail
  • Armrest Cushioning Particularly Weak

HomCom Deluxe Heated Leather Massage Recliner

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The HomCom, as you can probably tell from our review, is quite ahead of the Tenive. Yes, Tenive did implement two cup holders while HomCom brings none, but that wasn’t big enough of a compromise for us to put it below the Tenive PU Leather Recliner. This chair is at a stage where it is better than most average recliners (and even above average recliners), but it is just a few steps away from being great.


  • Extremely Plush & Soft All Over
  • Has Plenty Of Capabilities
  • Good Wide Frame Increasing Durability & Lifetime


  • No Rocking Or Swivel Rotation
  • Footrest More Difficult Than Average To Close

Swivelling, Rocking, & Reclining

HomCom decided to not include any of these (except reclining) in this model. While it we didn’t jump out of our seats to hear this news, we are always understanding of the situation whenever these kinds of recliners don’t feature things like this, and it isn’t completely fair to compare chairs like this. Tenive included almost everything you can think of in their chair including swivelling and rocking which puts it above the HomCom PU Leather Recliner automatically.

Massage & Heating

The HomCom PU Leather Recliner has the ability to massage, but not to heat. The Tenive Recliner however can do both of these things, but in this situation we won’t have the Tenive win. The reason Tenive failed us with this recliner is because they didn’t pay attention to detail and all the features they included feel “slapped on” and shipped. It has a bunch of pockets, cup holders, heating, massage, swivelling, reclining, rocking, and maybe even more we don’t know about. As you can tell, this recliner tried to include as much as possible, but we don’t think this is a good thing. We always feel that quality is more important than quantity and we’d rather have 3 features on a recliner that are done extremely well over a recliner with 10 features that are done poorly. The HomCom PU Leather Recliner has an exceptional massage system and that alone wins it this category.

Cushioning & Comfort

This is an easy win for HomCom. This chair is cushioned to the max in every place imaginable to make sure you’re never not feeling a sinking sensation that can easily put most to sleep. On the other side we have the Tenive whose cushioning is alright but doesn’t stand out in this sea of recliners. As far as comfort goes, we feel the same about comfort with these recliners as we do about cushioning.


The designs are decent for these recliners, although we don’t really love either. HomCom’s design is slightly better in our eyes because of the frame width (it’s wider than the tenive), but design is also one thing Tenive did well. If you’ll notice, the design of the Tenive recliner is quite similar to that of the HomCom Deluxe recliner which was one of our personal favorites. They don’t look exactly the same though, and the Tenive PU Leather Recliner is noticeably the smaller of the two. In this category, we give the slight edge to HomCom because of the frame.

The Verdict

As far as slightly above average recliners by our standards go, these are alright. HomCom is definitely light years ahead though, if we’re talking about which is the closest to taking the next step and becoming one of the best. Tenive needs to concentrate a bit more on the quality of their products, specifically the features that come with them. They certainly have the potential to make some noise in the recliner world, and we hope they do. For now, the HomCom PU Leather Recliner takes the cake and comes out on top as the better recliner