Tenive PU Leather Swivel Rocker Massage Recliner Review

This recliner might remind you a bit of the first HomCom model we had on our list because they do seem to have some of the same characteristics. We felt very strongly that the HomCom was one of the best recliners for anyone, and we stand by that statement. Unfortunately, although the Tenive recliner has a similar look, it doesn’t live up to be that caliber of recliner. Maybe if we never reviewed the HomCom, we would have nothing to compare this recliner to and have an overall more positive outlook towards this chair, but the reality is that we did review the model, and that it did affect how we think of the Tenive. This isn’t to take anyway away from this chair because it still has its own strengths and can certainly be the right recliner for somebody. If you’re at all interested in checking out this recliner, click here.


Tenive PU Leather Recliner
Tenive PU Leather Recliner
The massage nodes, which all have a heating option, are sure to offer you the finest relaxation and comfort for your back, lumbar and legs.

Major Features of Tenive PU Leather Recliner

Swivel Rotation

The Tenive recliner does offer swivel rotation in its own freakish way. It rotates just how it should and we’re usually fans of incorporation of swiveling within heftier models only when its done right. The reason we wouldn’t say that Tenive did swiveling right is because of the numerous complaints of the difficulty to get out of the chair. The problem arises when fully reclined and somebody wants to get out their seat, it is sometimes hard because as you move the weight of your body from the back of the seat, the chair starts spinning around making it hard for some people to plant their feet on the ground. When recliners have this problem because of swiveling, we feel it would have just been smarter to not include swiveling at all rather than to try and force it in an unhealthy way.


One thing Tenive did a decent job with was the massaging capability. It features an eight node system that is meant to target each stressed nerve in your body and promote blood circulation. We didn’t necessarily notice any of that and maybe it did improve our circulation, but what we did notice was a relaxing massage. It is up to bar with just about any other recliner in that category, and we can’t take that away from it.


This Tenive Recliner is also no stranger to heating. It works in a great way and the overall feel of it is not bad, and nor is it good. The heating is average, and although it has a nice setting adjustment system, its value is brought down due to the simple fact that plenty of other recliners have this as well making it less special.


Tenive went wrong with the cushioning with this model. If you’re just looking at the images, you might be compelled to think that its cushioning is exactly the same as the HomCom but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Unlike HomCom, the Tenive recliner does a poor job with its firm cushioning. Firm cushioning should almost always have great shape, but this one is built like it is soft. It is difficult to explain the exact difference, but the sum of it all is that it can lead to a less comfortable chair.

Rocking and Reclining

Both of these things are present in this model. The reclining mechanism is a tad sticky but doesn’t take away from other things that the recliner presents. Rocking was done in a very subtle way where it doesn’t feel really like rocking which can make the seater hesitant to even try.


The level of comfort on the Tenive Recliner is by no means poor. That might be the message you have gotten from this review, and that statement can only be true if the chair is being compared and reviewed at our standards which are definitely high. The recliners we’ve reviewed are some of the best in the world, and we feel it is average in terms of comfort, which would make it above average in comfort for most people. The main “problem” we encountered was that the chair tried combining firm with the typical shape of a soft recliner which didn’t work for us but it might work for you.


Design is the one thing that this recliner did at an exceptional level. It looks very nice and modern. If only its other aspects lived up to its looks, we’d be reviewing this recliner in a totally different way.


The Tenive PU Rocker Recliner is a leather recliner with heating and massage did not live up to its hype for us. We gave it a low rating because of the class of recliners it was in. If compared to your average recliner down at your local retail shop, then maybe you can show this chair some more love. At this point in time, we feel there are better options to choose from for the price, which you can take a look at here.