Best Rated Kids Recliners Of 2022

Kids recliners

Purchasing the best kids’ recliner differs from buying conventional ones. It can be hard to know which kid’s chair recliners are good quality or worth investing in if you do not know anything about toddler recliners at all! Kids recliners are custom-made according to many factors such as the age, weight, and height of children to ensure safety and comfort. These recliners come in a range of sizes and prices but are usually very affordable. Toddler recliner chairs are for ages 1-2 years and have safety features like non-toxic and flame-retardant materials. Kid’s chair recliner sizes change as your child goes through the different growth stages from toddlers, preschoolers, and bigger kids.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Kids Recliners

Rounded edges are one of the qualities to look for while looking for kid’s recliner chairs. When there is no parental supervision, children are sometimes haphazard and, as a result, likely to injure themselves; a chair with rounded corners will prevent injuries. Kids recliners often come with many unique features like cup-holders and storage space, which allows your kids to have their toys within reach. In this article, we look at the best toddler and kids’ recliner chairs to ensure that your little one enjoys all the benefits of having their recliner too. Read on to find out which kid’s recliner is the best choice for your little one.

The Best Kids Recliners Of 2022:

Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary
  • Brown microfiber upholstery
  • Plush padded back and arms
  • CA117 Fire retardant foam
Contemporary Beige Vinyl Recliner
  • Beige vinyl upholstery
  • Cup holder armrest
  • CA117 Fire retardant foam
Kidz World Solid Color Kids Rocking Chair
  • Upholstered in a chocolate brown microfiber suede fabric
  • Made from fabric
  • No assembly required
Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Child Recliner
  • Black leather soft upholstery
  • Cup holder armrest
  • CA117 Fire retardant foam
Kidz World Ziggi Chevron Kids Chair
  • Polyester fabric
  • Plastic cupholder in right armrest
  • Available in your choice of color
Kidz World Real Tree Camouflage Kids Chair
  • Sturdy frame
  • Padded with densified fibers and polyester fibers
  • Vivid 3D pattern of tree trunks

1. Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

deluxe heavily padded kids recliner

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This is the ultimate kids chair. It’s soft, it’s sturdy, and most important of all it’s comfortable. The Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Recliner has overstuffed padding and a brown microfiber upholstery. It was made easy to clean; I guess the makers kept in mind that kids sometimes get things messy! For this price, it’s one of the best kids chairs on the market for 2022.

What We Like

  • Plush In All The Right Places – This chair is seriously soft (including the footrest) and that’s something we really love about it. We know how important this is to kids, so that’s another thing we considered.
  • Durable Enough For Most – The recliner is built with quite a wide frame in mind and this almost always ensures extra durability; which is true for this chair.
  • Color Variety – At this moment, this kids chair is available in six different colors, all kid-favorites.
  • Reclining Is Exceptional – What we mean by this is that it’s almost like a bed when fully reclined. Definitely easy to sleep in. Once you recline and close your eyes it’s sweet dreams!

What Could’ve Been Done Better

Not many negative things can be said about this chair – maybe the price? Although you get what you pay for, so keep that in mind.

2. Contemporary Brown Microfiber Kids Recliner4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Contemporary Brown Microfiber Kids Recliner

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This is a fantastic play room recliner chair. It’s comfortable overstuffed padding is great and our kids just loved it. It comes with a cup holder so your children can rest easy and stay hydrated without ever having to get up (some parents might like it while others will hate it). Overall, we were blown away with its materials and strongly feel that it could possibly be the best play room kids chair. Click here If you’re interested in checking out our review of Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner

What We Like

  • Nice Padding– This chair is padded sufficiently in some places, but in other places it could’ve been added more. It’s also been upholstered beautifully.
  • Cupholder– One cupholder on the right armrest is a nice touch with this kids chair.
  • Durability– This recliner is generally quite durable and that is mostly due to its nicely built frame.

What Could’ve Been Done Better

There could have been a lot more padding added to the armrests; it’s not enough as it is. Not only would it provide more comfort to those who sit in the chair, but it will also make it slightly safer. You wouldn’t want a child to be running into one of those sharp edges, now would you?

3. Contemporary Beige Vinyl Kids Recliner4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Contemporary Beige Vinyl Kids Recliner

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The Contemporary Beige Vinyl Recliner is just a comfy reclining chair. We don’t love the combination of beige and children, but judging it purely on its functionality as a kids chair, it does more than just the job. We feel it is a comfortable option for most parents but beware that some have claimed that this chair has poor craftsmanship. Personally, I think that most kids chairs are like this and we can’t ask too much for a product of this price. It wasn’t breaking down on us or anything like that, it’s just that the materials don’t have an exactly premium feel to them.

4. BCP Contemporary Black Leather Kids Recliner4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

BCP Contemporary Black Leather Kids Recliner

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This is the cheapest chair on our list, but it certainly is not a poor choice for a recliner (otherwise it would not have made the list). When it first arrived at our location, we were expecting it to feel very cheap and easy to damage because of its price. We were surprised to discover that although it is a cheap chair, it is a mostly average to above average quality product! The materials are by no means premium or anything like that, but our kids say it’s a very comfortable chair. It comes with a cup holder in the armrest, and that’s about it when it comes to features. If you’re interested in reading more about this recliner, you can check out our BCP black leather kids recliner review.

What We Like

  • Great Price– As the cheapest option on our list, this toddler recliner for kids is very affordable and is still great for most first-time buyers.
  • Very Sturdy and Durable– The frame of this recliner is very sturdy and durable; it probably won’t be breaking any time soon.
  • Overstuffed Padding– A bit of an overstatement. Overstuffed padding is present in some places, but lacking in others. The cushions are generally pretty good.
  • Mobile– Along with being very sturdy and durable, this toddler recliner is also very light in terms of weight and that makes moving it easy.

What Could’ve Been Done Better

Like with other child recliners, more padding could have been added in the armrests. We’ll have to give the BCP a pass though just because of how affordable it is.

5. Kidz World Solid Color Kids Rocking Chair 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Kidz World Solid Color Kids Rocking Chair

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This recliner is one that would catch you off guard. We had never heard of this brand prior to our reviewing and we were pleasantly surprised; we can now say we’re fans of the “Kidz” brand. Initially when unpacking it, we immediately were surprised to feel that material. It is much softer than it looks in the pictures. It keeps the kids’ backs nice and straight to ensure optimal position. It does feature a cup holder in the arm rest, but it isn’t something we can say impresses us on a recliner; certainly not a children’s recliner. The back cushion and headrest are pretty great though.

What We Like

  • Mostly Soft and Plush– It’s a soft chair and we appreciate that, but it’s slightly underwhelming. More padding should have been added. The fabric material slightly makes up for it.
  • Color Variety– You can pick up this product in eight different colors.
  • Cupholder– Cupholders are something that can be appreciated more greatly on chairs for kids more so than those for adults at times.
  • Solid and Sturdy Frame– The Kidz World recliner is nice and sturdy. The leg rest will hold in place compared to Merax Kids/

What Could’ve Been Done Better

More padding could have been added not only to the armrests, but to the rest of the body as well. It features a nice microsuede frame but the design isn’t the best-looking. If you want to read more about this recliner, you can have a look at Kids World Solid Color Kids recliner review.

6. Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Child Recliner4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Child Recliner

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Parents might prefer this recliner simply because of its color (harder to see stains). If you already like this recliner, then you’re in luck because it is great. Not only is it one of the more comfortable recliners, but it’s also really durable in a very surprising way. We feel that this chair is somewhat underrated – relaxation is the middle name of it. You can see just how great this chair is by reading its reviews, click the image to do so.

7.Kidz World Ziggi Chevron Kids Chair 3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

Kidz World Ziggi Chevron Kids Chair

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This is kind of a weird recliner! We like that it is firm and will keep your kids’ back straight, but the materials are just off putting to us. We’re not too fond of the pattern design either. Depending on what kind of recliner you’re looking for, you might like this type of chair. Please understand that this chair does not feature a material like leather, it is one that is a bit hard to describe without actually physically touching it.

8.Kidz World Real Tree Camouflage Kids Chair 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Kidz World Real Tree Camouflage Kids Chair

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Originally when we had the list made, we were not too fond of this recliner for kids, but it has grown on us! The design is beautiful and traditional. We like the feel of it too, and so far it has been durable and tough for us. We think the manufacturers could have done a better job on the padding, specifically of the armrests, but now we’re just getting picky. If you’d like to check out this product and/or its reviews, you can do so by clicking on the image to your left.

How To Pick The Right Recliner For Your Kid(s)

This is an important decision to make as to most people because this isn’t some cheap product. When you get a recliner, you want it to do two things above all else; one is to be comfortable and the other is to last. The team here at Recliner Life can confidently confirm to all of our readers that these chairs will last. Comfort is another thing however; it’s subjective to the seaters. We suggest you look at a combination of things, of which the most important should be as follows: price, materials, features, durability, and above all else comfortability.

  • Price– In most cases, these are relatively cheap recliners. They won’t have many fancy features which allows the retailers to sell them at a fair price.
  • Materials– Unfortunately with lower prices, comes lower quality materials. You won’t be getting many sleek leather options to choose from, but that doesn’t mean cheaper materials feel any worse. Actually, some of these materials have been built with the intention of making them easy to clean, which is always nice. Also check for how easy it is to assemble.
  • Features– Don’t expect anything other than reclining on a kids recliner. Even rocking is becoming a luxury in the world of children’s chairs, but this is to keep prices down. Since kids grow so fast, we’re perfectly happy to have less features in order to have a cheaper product. If you want a massaging recliner for kids, it’ll be quite difficult to find.
  • Durability– We’re super glad to say that most recliners for kids are extremely durable, and when we say durable we mean durable. Kids can throw themselves repeatedly onto most of these chairs and you would never even notice, materials are more difficult to scuff/scrape off, and the frames are just very sturdy which makes these chairs some of the most durable.
  • Comfortability– Each of these children’s recliner chairs are comfortable in their own way. Some are very plush and soft, while others are more firm. Nonetheless, each recliner for kids is great in its own way.


We suggest paying close attention to the materials whether the recliner is for an adult or a child. But when focusing on a child recliner chair in general, we need to pay a little bit more attention. This is because kids are known to have extra sensitive skin, so you want to make certain that you are getting something that is compatible with the skin of your little one – you want to get one of the best chairs. In all likelihood, the majority of these kids chairs shouldn’t be a problem as they are built for kids but you never know and it is always better to double check. Most of the chairs we have on our list were made with some sort of fabric and not leather, and most of them have been made to be easy to clean. This is important because we know how messy kids sometimes are and even though many of us prefer leather, the right choices have been made by the manufacturers. While checking the materials, should check the safety of kids recliners too.


The truth is that most children’s recliners don’t come with many features other than the normal reclining capability; most recliners for kids don’t even rock. As long as you’re just looking for a normal recliner for kids, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to whether or not it has some new features. As far as technology goes, the best you can usually get is a cupholder (fancy, we know). We advise parents to not pay too much attention to what a kids chairs’ extra capabilities are because most of the time you will end up disappointed.


Durability is usually one of the most important factors for parents, and rightfully so. Who are we kidding, kids are known to be less than gentle in their day to day lives and you don’t want to come home and find out that the materials have been torn off of your childrens’ recliner chair. Thankfully, most of the manufacturers of these chairs kept in mind that children sometimes break stuff and have made it a goal to make these recliners durable and we can confirm; they are pretty sturdy and durable. You can usually take a look at the frame design and materials to get an good idea about how durable a children’s recliner is. The boxier, heftier, and more angular recliners with fabric like suede or microfiber will usually have a bit more durability than the softer, leathery recliners which is why most modern children’s recliner chairs are built one way over the other. In order to make your child recliner chair last longer, consider a recliner cover!

Pricing Of Kids Recliner Chairs

The good news is that children’s recliners are much cheaper than regular sized recliners. Most decent kids chairs will cost you $300 – $500, but almost all recliners built for kids are under $200. Most average recliners for kids are even under $150, so that is relatively good news. Depending on what you want out of your children’s recliner, you can decide what your price range is. If ultimate luxury is what you have in mind, you’ll spend a little bit more than if you just want something for your kid to sit in. Keep in mind however, that sometimes cheaper items can be built to be less durable.

Most Importantly, Ask Your Child!

You’re buying a product for your child, so let them help make the decision! What happens when you buy what you think is the perfect chair for little Elmer and he doesn’t like it? That’s right; it either stays to collect dust or gets shipped back for a refund. Make sure your child is happy with whatever selection you make. Color, size, features, it all matters to kids. Here are the best kids chairs, let your little ones join you in the decision making process. If gaming is something your child likes to participate in, then perhaps you should take a look at a gaming recliner chair as well.

Where Should You Buy Recliners For Children?

We understand that you have many options from where you can get a child recliner but we almost always suggest Amazon. Sure you can get child recliners faster from a store like Walmart, but Walmart doesn’t offer the variety that Amazon does. Most of the time Amazon delivers very quickly, and usually it ships for free in the United States! Not to mention they have a great return policy, which is very important because sometimes mishaps occur. You can get a child recliner chair from wherever you choose, but for now we suggest Amazon as the primary way to go. If you’d like, you can also pickup recliners for adults off of Amazon; check out our list of the best recliners to give you a head start, and see the greatest theater recliners of 2022 or the best massage chairs if that’s something you could be looking for. If you have an RV, then you might be interested in our selection of RV recliners.

Conclusion About Kids Recliners

It can get tough to pick out the right recliner for your child. You have so many options, you’re not sure if your child knows exactly what they want, you don’t know how durable the chair is, and so on. In most cases, you can get a good (sometimes great) idea about the product(s) your interested in by reading the customer reviews; they can be and usually are very insightful. We hope you don’t have any worries about the kids chairs on our list in particular, because these recliners have been hand-picked to help you make the best decision possible.