Vending 5 Massage Chair by Medical Breakthrough Recliner Review

This massage chair built by Medical Breakthrough is really a very unique massaging chair. Not many manufacturers of recliners have products that can compete with the likes of this recliner chair. Despite what many people might think in terms of first impressions, it is highly effective at what it does and provides one of the deepest and most enriching massages.


Vending 5 massage Recliner
Vending 5 massage Recliner
It’s one of the best massage recliner chairs that we can recommend in 2021. It’s the best for your back and legs.

Major Features of Vending 5 massage Recliner Chair


As far as comfort level goes, it doesn’t really get any better than this. The chair is FDA-approved as being a medical device, and massaging like this is only found in professional massage therapy businesses. If you have any pains in your back, neck, spine, or in your joints, then this massage chair might just relieve you of your aches and pains. Many have said that this recliner is capable of melting away all pain in the body in a matter of hours, and that it’s one of the best recliner chairs in general. I’ve sat in many massage chairs over the years and I can’t remember one being so comfortable and enjoyable like this one.

The Massage

Again, the massaging capabilities of this massage chair are outstanding to say the least. The biggest strength of this chair is its ability to melt away the pain in your body after a long day of work. It is so comfortable and heavenly with its massaging feature that many (including myself) will find it very easy to sleep in! The medical breakthrough 4 massage chair offers deep tissue shiatsu and back stretching with built-in heating capabilities. Sitting in this chair is a stellar experience.


The design of this chair is the only thing (in my mind) that may put some people off. Does it look the same as many other standard massaging chairs? No, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any worse. In fact, I’d argue that this is probably considered a better option than what a “standard chair” is. Some have noted that it resembles a gaming chair in a few ways. Personally, I like the design of the chair but it is understandable why it may not be for everyone.


This product is loaded with features. It is capable of doing essentially whatever any other massaging chair on the market can do. These are some of the things outlined by the manufacturers:

  • Doctor Based – The ONLY massage chair designed by over 25 doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, and pain specialists
  • Unlimited Customization – Recline as far or as little as you want, choose your massage, and adjust virtually any aspect
  • Medical Body Scan – When you first sit in the chair, it will scan your body to perfectly customize the position of the massage rollers, so each massage it delivers is the one you need
  • Zero Gravity – This special position distributes your weight evenly across the chair so you will feel virtually weightless, ensuring a deep sense of relaxation as you get a soothing massage
  • Chiropractic Back Stretch – The inflatable air bags in the chair will grip your hips and gently stretch the muscles in your back, relieving tight muscles and boosting spinal health

Who Is It Best For?

This massaging chair is best for anyone who is buying a chair solely for their massaging features. If you’re looking for a massage chair, then obviously you can and should consider purchasing this chair. However, if you’re only in the market for a novelty item and to impress your friends, this product probably isn’t the one you should buy. It is also best advised to pair this recliner with a cover to keep it protected.


It is very understandable why so many people see this as being the best massaging chair on the market. It has everything you could want in a product such as this: excellent features, design, comfort level, padding, and so forth. Check out this recliner if you want the best piece of furniture that provides a soothing massage.