What Makes Or Breaks A Good Recliner Chair?

Truth be told, there are more things to look at when picking and choosing recliners than is often thought of. You might not believe it today, but there are dozens, if not hundreds of different things to look at. Once you become a recliner connoisseur like many of us with Recliner Life, you will start to notice the true level of ingenuity that must go into making a recliner great. It actually shouldn’t surprise you that most of the recliners we review are actually not all that great! Most are pretty bad in their own rights. Thankfully though, a great recliner can be found very quickly if you know what to actually look for.


You should surely care a lot about what body type your recliner will have. Some of you may not even know that recliners even have “body types” but they really do, and it matters. Obviously there will be bigger and smaller recliners, but there are also going to be thinner, wider, heavier, and sturdier recliners as well. Just like how we are all different, so too are recliner chairs. In my opinion, a good recliner will usually have the heftier body type (meaning that it will probably be wider, heavier, and sturdier than others) although that could just be personal preference. The heftiest chairs are usually the ones placed in RV’s.


Another way of saying features. Elements are more important to some and less so to others, but it will probably be of greater importance to the majority of people. You don’t need the chair to microwave your food or take you to the moon, but you can certainly have expectations of a built-in massage system or heating at the very least. For some people including myself, features aren’t always that important. Take the Roundhill for example, it doesn’t have many features but that didn’t stop it from being listed as the best recliner on the list of top 10 best recliners.

Good Materials

Far too often you will think that a recliner is fantastic, only to find out 8 months down the road that all the materials are slowly falling off and that the chair is just corroding in general. Look, I’ll admit that it’s not always the easiest thing to determine whether or not a recliner has good materials, but one thing to look for is the tightness of the fabric to the body of the chair. This is usually a good sign, and it indicates that it will take more of a beating to actually get the stuff to tear off. Damage to the material can be prevented by using a nice recliner cover.

How It Makes You Feel

It’s nice to have good materials and a whole bunch of fancy features, but all in all the most important thing in a recliner is how it makes you feel. We are all different, and what is completely relaxing and comfortable to me could be a total pain for you to go through. It is for this reason and this reason only that the most important aspect of recliner-choosing is how it makes the one doing the sitting (and purchasing) feel.

So there you have it, the four things I feel are most important in a good recliner. Remember, a good recliner is completely subjective to who’s saying whether or not it is indeed ‘good’. The best way to determine if a recliner is good for you is to see how it makes you feel when you’re sitting in it.