When Is The Best Time To Buy A Recliner?

Recliners are not a cheap piece of furniture. So what do you do when you want something with a discount? You wait until an appropriate time when the item is being sold for less than the original price. There’s a time for these moments all year round, but only a few are actually important enough to make a big difference when you purchase.

The Holidays

The holidays are a great time for shopping all sorts of items, and recliners are much cheaper around this time. Most of the time, these deals are 20% – 30% off, but sometimes they can go up to 50% off! If you’re in the market for a recliner and not worried about waiting too long for the holidays to come around, you maybe should consider taking this route. In the long run, you can save quite a bit of cash just buy shopping for most of your expensive items during the holidays. Usually, most retailers are chomping down on their prices two to three weeks before Christmas, but we’ve seen them go even as far back as a month. Either way, as the end of the year approaches, prices take a nosedive.

The Beginning Of The Year

The beginning of the new year is often a slow and dry few weeks for retailers, as often people make it a point to try and spend less money for the new year. Of course, this usually drops off but until then many vendors and retailers lower their prices substantially to get through this rough patch. For this reason, we suggest keeping your eyes open during the beginning months of a new year. The deals won’t be as good as the holiday deals, but they’ll be better than usual.

The Few Months Leading Up To Christmas

The reason why prices take a slight dip before the holidays is because people often think about saving their coins for Christmas. Again, companies have to keep up and to bring incentive for people to buy, they again offer discounts to the consumers. Studies do actually show that the worst times for most retailers is the 2 – 3 months before Christmas. If you’re lucky, you can get yourself a good 30% off deal for a reputable recliner.

The Summertime

This might be the most expensive time period off of all these on the list, but it is still relatively low in the whole year nonetheless. Many people have saved up or are saving up money during the summer vacationing period in order to spend time with their families so prices go down. See the trend yet? When people are saving money, retailers lower prices so people are more motivated to buy.


There is a common theme across all of these time periods; they are all when people are more stingy with their money. So for this reason, you should keep an eye out for the busiest times of the year when people are spending less, and that’s precisely when you should be looking for a brand new recliner. If you haven’t yet, check out our list of the updated best recliners you can buy.