Where Is The Best Place For A Recliner?

Recliners have been traditionally known to be placed in the living room only. This, of course is not the only place to do it. In fact, as things change, it is becoming more and more normal for people to have their recliners placed in “unorthodox” locations around the house. The recliner hasn’t quite reached the bathroom or kitchen yet, but it has surely stepped outside of the living room! Of course, recliners are still primarily to be used in the living room but what we’re saying is that although it is most common, it is not limited to one location.

The Office

Maybe one of the newer trends in the recliner world is office recliners. Usually, people have had office chairs not exactly qualified as recliner. They’re softer than normal chairs, but we wouldn’t dare utter them in the same sentence with recliners. The thing is, they won’t exactly be the same type of recliners you know and love aesthetically. Sure, they recline and rock a little bit but most of the time, you won’t be falling asleep in this type of chair, but who wants to sleep in the office anyways?

bej recliner

The recliner to the right is one you could expect to have in the office. As you can see, it isn’t so big and soft like other recliners, and we hope you understand that this category of recliners will almost never come with heating and massaging but who knows, maybe they will start being implemented in future models!

The Playroom

This is going to be more child orientated so if you don’t have kids, you can skip ahead (unless you have a playroom as an adult, we don’t judge). Recliners are all the buzz for children’s playrooms, and they are just great. What do kids usually do when playing and hanging out with other kids? Nowadays, they usually put on a good show, movie, or video game up on the big screen. Because they’re going to be watching something, they’ll need a place to sit. Now, kids use couches and chairs most frequently in playrooms but recliners should take over because they are clearly the better option. They have cupholders, padding, and the ability to recline so your child can lounge in comfort. Click here to read more about kids recliners.


theater recliner

Theatre recliners usually come together in a set or bundle, because they are trying to emulate the feeling of actually being in a theatre. Not only that, most people watch films in the company of others and what could be worse than a room having only one super comfy and plush recliner but you’re entertaining several guests. Recliners are great for the theatre room because most movies surpass the 120 minute mark and you don’t want to be anything other than comfortable for that period of time.

Lounge area

Do you have a spot in your home dedicated to lounging? This is basically a playroom for adults which usually have things like pool and foosball tables, televisions, bars, etc. These are the perfect places to have a recliner in. A lounging area is meant to be a place to just relax, and what is more relaxing than the recliner itself? When you want to watch the game, a recliner is a fantastic option. Click to view our hand picked selection of the best recliners.

The Living Room

Ah, the classic recliner dominion. The places we’ve mentioned work in fantastic ways with the recliner, but none seem to do so on the same level when a recliner is paired with a nice living room. You use your living room every day and probably with family. You might have a theatre, you might have a lounging area, but sometimes you just want to spend time in your own living room with your own family and watch some Sunday Night Football action on your massaging recliner. In that case, feel free to stick to tradition and have your recliner placed in the living room. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep things the same and just as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


We hope we’ve gotten the chance to enlighten you a bit on how many places you can actually keep your recliner in! If you feel more comfortable in one room over the over, don’t hesitate to make the switch and pop your recliner in your preferred location. Or even better but less popular, get yourself a second recliner; one for each room!