Will Medicare Pay For A Lift Chair Recliner: Only The Facts

In addition to the all-time great recliner chairs, there are also the lift recliner chairs that you should know about. These chairs are comfortable and a great way to relax after a hard day of work, but for some, they are a necessity. If you happen to fall into this second category, you must be wondering: Will Medicare pay for a lift chair recliner?

In this guide, I will dive into details about lift chair recliners and Medicare. I will tell whether Medicare covers the costs, and if they do, how much they cover. I will also give you some tips on how to check if you need one and what to do to get the chair in your home.

If you are interested in this topic, I suggest you keep on reading. This knowledge will surely come in handy, no matter if you need a lift chair or if you are just curious about the facts. This guide contains information for everyone and anyone!

What Is A Lift Chair Recliner?

A lift chair recliner is very similar to a regular recliner. The regular recliner is a comfortable chair with a footrest that you can manually operate. On the other hand, you have the lift chair recliner that has a button-operated footrest.

The purpose of the lift chair recliner is for people to have at least some assistance when they are trying to get up. The chair lifts so that you can get up from it without any problem. It is the best thing that you can give to someone with knee problems, hip problems, or other muscle problems.

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How Do I Know If I Need A Lift Chair Recliner?

Even though you can get a lift chair recliner just because you want to, more often than not, these chairs are bought with a purpose. You usually get this type of chair if you have problems with your muscles, knees, or hips.

Some people need a lift chair because of their age and because they cannot easily get up from a regular chair. If you have some kind of problem that makes you physically unable to stand up from a regular chair, you should check with your health care provider and see if they will give you a prescription for a lift chair recliner. In certain cases, Medicare might even cover the costs, but I will get more into that in the following section!

Does Medicare Cover A Lift Chair Recliner?

If you have stuck with me so far, there is a good chance that you are seriously interested in getting a lift chair recliner. You might even be wondering if Medicare will cover it. Well, it turns out that Medicare partially covers the expenses for a lift chair.

Medicare will cover the costs for the lift mechanism of the recliner. You will have to pay for the rest of the chair yourself. Also, another important part that I have to mention is that Medicare covers the expenses only in certain cases. Here is a list that can easily tell you who can qualify for a lift chair recliner with the help of Medicare:

  • Someone who has arthritis and has difficulties standing up from a chair on their own
  • Someone who has a serious case of a neuromuscular disease
  • Someone with another severe condition that can benefit from a lift chair
  • Someone who is not in the hospital or some other type of assisted living facility
  • Someone who has not used Medicare for any other piece of walking equipment
  • Someone physically unable to stand up from a regular chair on their own but can stand and walk on their own after getting up

If you happen to fit the criteria, you can surely get a lift chair recliner with the help of Medicare. However, you have to know exactly what you need to do if that is the case. You cannot just go to Medicare and demand a recliner!

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Step 1. Talk To Your Physician

There is no one better than a trained physician to help you determine if you need a lift recliner. I suggest that you go in for a check-up, tell the physician all about the difficulties you have been facing, and ask them for a recommendation.

You can bring up the idea about a lift chair recliner and see what they think about it. After examining you, they will determine if you need one, if you will be better off with some other type of equipment, or if your problem is not at that level yet.

Step 2. Get A Prescription

As I explained, after your exam, the physician will tell you if you could benefit from a lift recliner or not. If they say you need one, make sure that you get a prescription. With the prescription, you will be able to go to the insurance company and discuss things further.

Step 3. Check With An Insurance Company

Armed with your prescription, I suggest that you head to your insurance company and check that everything is okay with it before you go to purchase your recliner. Discuss everything with them, and once you get the approval, head to the store!

Step 4. Purchase Your Lift Chair Recliner

Once you hit the store, you will have to decide which recliner you want to get. There are two-position and three-position lift chairs, as well as infinite lift chairs to choose from. They all come at different prices, with different features, and are made from various materials.

Choose your lift chair wisely. You should make sure it fits perfectly and that it is comfortable. Chances are that you will be using it a lot, so make sure you get a good one!

Frequently Asked Question On Lift Chair Recliners

So far, I have covered a lot of information on what lift recliners are, if Medicare covers them, and in which case you can get Medicare to cover the lift chair. Since that is all clear, I want to share some other information on the topic before I wrap the guide up. Let’s see what else you need to know!

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How do I choose a lift recliner?

There are a ton of great lift recliners that you can choose from. You should look for one with a comfortable fit, a good backrest, and a great footrest. I want to mention some of my favorite lift recliners that I recommend you check out!

The Lift Recliner Signature Design by Ashley Ballister is one of the best recliners that comes with a four-power motor, perfect sizing, a leg rest, backrest, headrest, and lumbar support. Then, you have the extra-luxurious Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner that has cup holders, USB ports, lumbar heating, and eight different vibrating nodes. Finally, I have to mention one of the more affordable options: the Flamaker Power Lift Recliner Chair. It has an ergonomic design, massage option, and heating option.

No matter which one of these chairs you get, you will not be disappointed. They are amazing, and you will enjoy the time spent sitting in any one of them!

How long do lift recliners last?

You do not have to worry about your lift recliner malfunctioning any time soon – the chair will work amazingly for at least ten years, even if you use it all the time. The longevity is connected to how much you use it, so if you use it carefully and less often, you might even find that it works perfectly after 15 or 20 years.

The longevity is also connected to the quality of the chair and the manufacturer. If you plan on using the chair all the time, I suggest you invest in a better one that is made from better materials and with more features. You can even visit a specialty store and have someone help you out with the selection.

Now You Know If Medicare Will Pay For A Recliner Lift Chair!

I hope that you liked this guide and that you found it useful. Remember that Medicare does not cover all the expenses for a lift recliner – it covers only the lift mechanism, while you have to pay for the rest.Before you go out and buy a recliner, visit a physician and get some advice on whether you need one and what kind you should get. Also, check out the recliners I recommended, and let me know if you found them comfortable or not. I cannot wait to read all your comments!